10 Best Tantrum Asana Yoga Positions


The fundamental technique of tantrum yoga is to hold your breath until God grants you what you ask for.

I’ve been taking part in one of those rigorous, yearly spiritual programs, hoping that reflecting on a daily lesson will gradually draw me nearer to God. It’s been challenging—really challenging—but also beautiful. I still have 47 days.

Tantrum yoga lesson

The lesson for today declares, “My heart is pounding in God’s peace. Isn’t that fantastic? My heart isn’t at all at ease, and that is the sole issue. It’s smoking mad. My husband and I talked this morning. Presume it had to do with money. Let’s assume that I haven’t been the one who has been overspending.

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He reportedly told a buddy, “She keeps the family chequebook linked to her wrist.” That is unfair. I came off sounding like one of those ladies who runs her husband’s every move. To relax, be kind, and have faith that we would have enough money each month, I started taking care not to keep track of where all the money was going. More than enough is available.

But this is one of those months, and we’ve had a few lately, where our combined chequebook is just eerily empty.

Tantrum yoga game plan

I go back to my study so Jeff won’t disturb me as much. I settle into a position in a room with plenty of room to move around. I then explode in wrath.

I stomp my feet apart while leaning over, waving my arms, and yelling expletives intermingled with “why why why?” Naturally, nothing is spoken or done during this. But I stifle a mouthful of air as I aggressively exhale after each insult and curse word.

I exhaust myself in around 45 seconds, even though it seems much longer. I give up and sink into a chair. Is my job finished? Can I go downstairs, get up, and do my thing? Do I feel lighter than before? No? I explode again until I die.

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Tantrum Intervention

A few years ago, I learned the therapeutic value of these two-minute tantrum yoga while taking care of my elderly mother. My mother was wonderful—funny, devoted to me, and adorably frustratingly demanding. For most of her life, she could outrun me. However, even the smallest things took an excessive amount of time throughout her later years. Stress relief, self-therapy, peace tantrums, and temper tantrum yoga.

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She always greeted me with a long list of things to do when I got home. One day, I rushed her through breakfast and dressed her warmly for an eye visit. We had six more errands to run that day. We were just five minutes late when I was finally seated in the car. Normally, we’d be early for the doctor’s appointment. Mom, however, gave me a teary-eyed look. She said, “I forgot to bring my purse.”

Her apartment was five flights up. Do you need it? I queried.

She just kept staring at me.

I drove back to where she had parked the car and went to grab the purse.

The previous week, I witnessed a friend having a temper tantrum with her two-year-old, who was crying and throwing herself to the ground. I hoped I could express myself as wildly because I was also having a rough day. As I made my way back through the parking lot to my mother’s apartment complex, I realized I was all by myself. I then started to stomp my feet and whip my arms in a wordless fit of wrath.

I was astonished by how much better I felt once I was through. I grabbed my mother’s pocketbook and handed it to her, saying, “OK, now we’re ready.”

To achieve harmony in relationships, effort, concession, affection, and fitful moments are all necessary.

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Keeping the Peace

My spiritual practice now includes the occasional private tantrum. I’ve even advanced to the point where I can disappear for 15 seconds while finishing a task. No religious text or guru’s manual that I’ve seen stresses the value of letting yourself experience anger in a secure, private setting. But if I don’t occasionally let my anger out in purging wrath, how am I going to discover inner peace? One of my favourite Facebook posts reads.

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After my outburst, I realized that Jeff was not the only one to blame for the empty chequebook when I went back downstairs. Without a doubt. I’m not immune to impulsive purchases. I have to agree that Jeff is extremely economical when I see him wearing his worn-out old shorts.

Fetching tantrum yoga classes

We are housed, fed, and unconcerned, and we are far more comfortable and safe than most others on the earth, as he regularly points out. I could honestly consider allowing God’s peace to start beating through my heart for the first time since waking up this morning. Only occasionally grimacing, I sat down at our kitchen table and started paying the bills.

It turns out that most of us started practising yoga before we could speak. See the picture of the missing pose below.

Children instinctively adopt these positions from a young age, which shows how natural yoga is as a practice.

As they mature and develop, most people eliminate these roles from their lives. We all probably know someone who still regularly performs the forgotten asana.

The intelligent among us come back to yoga later in life, substituting the primarily unfavourable Tantrum Yoga postures with the uplifting and pleasurable ones taught at Wicklow Yoga.

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A particularly helpful kind of yoga called Ashtanga trains you to communicate with your body and train it to cooperate with you.

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Tantrum Yoga poses may also be helpful for certain people, but we do not advise trying them out in front of others or without adult supervision!


What are the disadvantages of Yoga?

Your blood pressure may increase during yoga.

The physical risks of yoga.

Threat of stroke.

Not everyone should practice hot yoga.

It is dangerous to lack information or expertise.

Who should not do yoga?

Yoga should not be practiced when you are sick, exhausted, in a rush, or under intense stress. Regular yoga practice, especially asanas, should be avoided by women during their periods. Instead, you could practice pranayama and relaxation techniques.

What are 8 benefits of yoga?

top ten advantages of yoga practice

Yoga makes you more flexible.

Yoga aids in your strength-building.

Yoga helps you stand more upright.

Your joints will benefit from yoga.

Yoga is a potent form of mindfulness training.

Yoga lessens stress.

Blood pressure decreases during yoga.

Is yoga good for weight loss?

According to credible studies, yoga may benefit weight reduction and maintenance by reducing stress, elevating mood, preventing emotional eating, and creating a supportive environment. Yoga can help you develop your muscular mass and tone, as well as burn calories.

Can I do yoga everyday?

It’s probably safe for you to practice moderate amounts of yoga every day if you’re in excellent health, especially if you practice a range of different forms.

What are main yoga asanas?

The HEADSTAND is one of the fundamental poses.

  • FISH.
  • COBRA.
  • BOW.

How do I start yoga for beginners?

But if you’re unsure about how to include yoga into your regular life, here are some simple suggestions.

Start with acceptance; let go of expectations; comprehend the foundation of yoga; pay attention to your breathing; become at ease in stillness.

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