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Hulu Student Discount No Ads Plans 2022

What is Hulu, exactly?

Let’s go over some fundamental Hulu student information before getting into the details of the student discount advertisements programs. Customers in the United States and Japan can view popular television shows through the video on-demand service Hulu.

Blockbuster, indie, and original programs, as well as a blockbuster and independent movies and documentaries, are Hulu’s main areas of interest.

The program differs from other well-known streaming services like Netflix and Amazon Prime Video in that customers may previously watch popular shows from a range of traditional networks.

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The average wait time to see an episode of a popular television program is only one week, and in rare circumstances, just one day. A Hulu membership does not have any additional costs, such as equipment rentals or installation appointments, unlike cable.

You can watch Hulu whether at home or on the go on many of your favourite streaming devices. In October 2019, Hulu introduced the feature that other streaming services have offered for many years.

Up to 25 tracks may be saved by viewers for up to 30 days across five different devices. Only those who subscribe to Hulu’s ad-free service can access the feature.

No Advertisements on Hulu for Students

You may save 65% with the Hulu student discount no advertisements plan compared to the typical $5.99 monthly charge that most users pay. On January 11th, Hulu introduced a new package that students could subscribe to receive a discount.

Students will be able to take advantage of the discount so long as they continue to be enrolled in school; it doesn’t appear to be a limited-time offer.

For its ad-supported service, Hulu is currently offering one of the biggest discounts it has ever provided. The ad-supported version of Hulu is available to new and recurring users for $2 per month for a year thanks to a similar promotion that Hulu launched on Black Friday. Hulu has never before provided a special student discount.

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Both new and current users are eligible for the discount, albeit the process varies.

To join up for Hulu, start by clicking “Sign up now” on the Student main page.

Please be aware that you will have to prove that you are a student. SheerID and Hulu collaborated to verify this authenticity. You must mention both your name and the name of the college you attend. Additionally, SheerID could ask for proof of identity or a transcript.

You will be able to use the Hulu student discount once SheerID has confirmed that you are a student.

How to Use Hulu Without Ads and Get a Student Discount

How do you benefit from this wonderful offer? Well, depending on the person, signing up for a Hulu student discount without advertisements is rather easy.

There won’t be any advertisements for current users. How to Get a Hulu Student Discount

You must first enter your login and password to access your Hulu account.

You can add the student discount to your ad-supported Hulu subscription or change to the discounted plan if you already have one by visiting the Hulu Student home page and clicking “Get Offer.”

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If you give SheerID your name and the college you attend, they can confirm that you are a student. Additionally, SheerID could ask for proof of identity or a transcript.

You will be able to use the Hulu student discount once SheerID has confirmed that you are a student.

Along with Showtime and Spotify Premium, Hulu is accessible.

While the student discount on Hulu (without advertisements) is a first for the streaming service, there are still other ways to cut costs. Spotify provides a student package that includes a Hulu subscription with ads.

Visit Spotify’s student landing page and click “Get one month free” to take advantage of this.

then sign in to an existing account or create a new one.

Use SheerID to verify your status as a student.

Get a free month of Showtime, Hulu with ads, or Spotify Premium. Following the initial month, you will be billed $4.99 each month.

The Hulu student discount is available to whom?

You are qualified if you are at least 18 years old and presently enrolled in a university or institution recognized under US Title IV.

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As long as they are Title IV accredited in the United States, four-year universities, community colleges, and other accredited institutions all count. If you’re unsure if your institution qualifies, check to verify if Title IV is accredited on the Federal Student Aid website.

If you already had a Hulu student subscription before enrolling in a program at an approved institution, you are still eligible to take advantage of this offer. Simply register for the Spotify student discount and change your Hulu payment to use your Spotify membership.

Hulu Student Projects

Hulu student offers a selection of membership packages to suit different spending limits and entertainment tastes. You may change plans and add-ons whenever you choose, and there are no hidden costs, commitments, or cancellation fees. You can select one of the aforementioned Hulu plans.

Hulu (Ads): You can access the ad-supported streaming library for $6.99 per month (or $69.99 annually) with the ad-supported plan.

Hulu student (No Ads): For $12.99 a month, you may view the majority of the same movies and episodes without any commercial breaks.

With Disney+ and ESPN+, you can now subscribe to Hulu + Live TV for $69.99/month to get more on-demand content and live streams from your preferred sports, entertainment, and news networks.

besides the extra content on Disney+ and ESPN+

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Hulu (No Ads) + Live TV with Disney+ and ESPN+ is now available. For a monthly fee of $75.99, you can watch almost all of our streaming movies ad-free, in addition to everything our Live TV plan has to offer, as well as additional content on Disney+ and ESPN+. Remember that anything that is not part of the Hulu streaming library will still have advertisements.

Monthly Subscription to Hulu student once provided a free (but constrained) version of its video library. But this is no longer the case. In 2016, the platform’s free, ad-supported service was discontinued and a subscription-based revenue model was adopted.

While Hulu just partnered with Yahoo and transferred some of its free content to Yahoo View. The most current episodes of a few shows will be available on the website, with fresh episodes appearing eight days after they premiere.

Three tiers now exist for Hulu’s normal streaming service: a subscription, a tier supported by donations for $6 per month (after a $2 monthly price cut), and a tier without advertisements for $12 per month.

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No Ads on Hulu

Standard membership with Hulu costs $6.99 per month, while a premium membership costs $12.99 per month. Students with email addresses can subscribe to Hulu for $1.99 per month. Keep in mind that advertisements will be included in the student discount.

The simplest way to avoid commercials on Hulu is to upgrade to the premium plan, which is frequently referred to as “Hulu (No Ads)”. Binge-watchers will value Hulu’s No Commercials option, even though it may cost a few dollars more per month.

How to Remove Hulu Ads in 2022

You can increase your subscription, add add-ons (including HBO, Cinemax, Showtime, and Starz), or cancel your Hulu account on the “Manage Your Account” page after logging in.

Whether you have a normal or No Ads subscription, your episode or movie will keep playing while you’re watching a premium cable channel on Hulu.

Hulu Specials

Users of Hulu get access to thousands of films and TV shows, including acclaimed FX content, Hulu Originals, and exclusive new releases that have just come out of theatres.

The Hulu + Live TV subscription gives you access to over 75 live channels that broadcast content twenty-four hours a day, seven days a week, in addition to on-demand content (including Hulu Originals like Vacation Friends, Run, and the brand-new series How I Met Your Father).

The recent price hike is readily justified by the fact that customers now receive free memberships to Disney Plus (priced at $7.99) and ESPN Plus (valued at $6.99).


College students are not eligible for a student discount from Netflix. Don’t give up, though, just yet. There are a couple of methods for practically free Netflix viewing.

Students on a tight budget might not be able to afford the $7.99 monthly fee for unrestricted Netflix access.

Start by registering for a 30-day free trial of Netflix. Although this approach takes some time, it is successful.

Getting free Netflix for 30 days is simple, in contrast to the Netflix student discount. All you require is a Netflix email address that has never been registered.

Remember to cancel the membership before the free trial period expires as well.

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