High Paying Un-skilled Jobs in Canada

High Paying Un-skilled Jobs in Canada [UPDATED].

Canada isn’t just known for its beautiful natural setting and generous people, it also has some amazing jobs to help you make a living. With only a high school diploma, many of these positions are available to you and they pay well over $60 hourly! Don’t miss out on this list of the top highest-paying Canadian jobs you may never have considered.

Canada’s economy has been doing quite well in recent years, causing a tremendous growth in the number of available jobs that can pay very well. While unskilled jobs in Canada may not be as flashy as glamorous executive ones, they can earn more money than anything else you can think of.

There’s a lot of different job titles within these industries, but they generally require a higher level of education and experience to get started. These jobs also have some of the highest paying unskilled jobs in Canada – according to Statistics Canada, many occupations within these fields had a median hourly wage of $21.90 or more.

Office Clerks (Excluding Legal, Medical, and Executive Assistants)

Office clerks are responsible for taking care of paperwork and making sure the office is up to date. While a formal education isn’t necessary to be successful in this position, it certainly doesn’t hurt. The average salary of an office clerk is around $28,880 per annum.

The office clerk position is a white-collar job that requires working in an office to provide administrative assistance. The office clerk performs many tasks including filing, answering phones and emails, copying documents, making copies and doing mail runs. You might need to work on the computer from time to time as well. If your company uses a lot of paper or needs someone to make copies first thing in the morning, this could be a part-time job for you.

Retail Sales Supervisors

Becoming a retail sales supervisor certainly isn’t for everyone. With an entry-level salary of roughly $50,000, the competition is fierce and the pay is not very competitive by professional standards. However, for those who are dedicated and motivated to succeed in this field, it can be lucrative as a career.

The retail supervisor role is a great opportunity to start your career as a buyer. By studying retail management and retail sales, you can learn to manage inventory, deal with vendors and produce consistent results.

Your education will focus on how to make the most of existing resources and try new things in order to extend the current business model. Add a Certified Retail Supervisor Certificate from Aspen University to bolster your resume and set yourself apart from other candidates who are only providing general background information on their experience.

Machines Operators

Machine operators are responsible for keeping track of financial data such as product costs, employee wages and overheads. These digits can be input into spreadsheets or databases or even used to calculate future financial costs for your company. This can be done from an office or from home. Either way, it’s a high-paying job with good opportunities for promotion and growth.

Other Sales and Service Occupations

It may come as a surprise, but the next occupation on our list is that of salesperson. But don’t worry—we’re not suggesting you become a door-to-door salesman in your spare time, or selling toothbrushes or phone plans to your neighbors. You just need to have an entrepreneurial mindset and enjoy meeting new people every day. If you’re interested in learning more about this field and have the potential to excel at it, we’d love to recommend some tips.

Sales is both a business and a job. Although sometimes it can be stressful, there are many aspects of sales that are enjoyable and rewarding. And because this career path requires a strong level of communication, you’ll also enjoy the ability to build relationships with clients or coworkers and to help them achieve their goals.

This is an occupation that you should definitely consider if you like social experiences, building your network of contacts (and making new friends along the way), and earning extra money by helping others better understand what they are buying.

Equipment Cleaners, Handlers, Helpers: Material Moving Workers; Filling And Packaging Machine Operators And Laborers.

As an unskilled worker, you’ll make good money. In fact, these careers pay more than the national average for an unskilled worker. And the shocking real fact is that, the most of the top spots has to do with jobs in Ottawa-Gatineau. Not only do these fields pay well, they are also an excellent source of part-time opportunities and seasonal employment.

Transportation Equipment Operators (except Truck Drivers, Subway Operators).

The average truck driver earns upwards of $60,000 annually. Additionally, the number of trains keeps growing because there are far more people in need of transportation than ever before. For example, for every 100 truck drivers there are about six subway operators. Also, the opportunities for advancement with metro operated vehicles is much greater than trains in general. In fact, if you’re interested in learning more about career opportunities at Metra visit their website.

Truck drivers are known for their physical prowess and for the unique ways in which they arrive at the workplace. For example, an off-duty commercial truck driver may have brought his or her own tools to work the next day. While this is a bit abnormal, it’s not something most people do on a regular basis.

Building and Cleaners Supervisors.

Janitors are truly the lowest of the low on the jobs totem pole. But they also have a lot of power, as they can set the terms for each building they work in by controlling when and how they clean. The janitor’s role is to clean up messes that other people make, so it pays well to have good communication skills and a friendly personality. These two qualities make janitors the perfect people to deal with angry customers who are not pleased with their service.

Canada has a rich history of janitors, who have helped society with their labor. We do not have a long-standing tradition of janitorial work – the profession is quite recent and only came into existence in the last hundred years. However, the wage earners that we are talking about are not average Canadians or regular employees at businesses; they are students.

Agriculture, Natural Resources, and Related Production Jobs.

Logging is a seasonal job that requires you to go out in the field and log areas of forest as needed. They require workers to work outside in extremely cold weather with regular pay raises of 25 cents per hour every anniversary year. Loggers also receive 14 paid days off per year and can earn up to $50,000 per year depending on experience.

Whether you’re seeking summer jobs or hoping to perform seasonal work in the summer months, there are many opportunities for those who have experience and qualifications. One such job involves the transport of logs from logging camps to processing yards and sawmills.

Construction Trades

Construction trades are a great way to make a living and they offer some of the best jobs in Canada as well. Given that construction trades are crucial to a flourishing economy, they’re also often some of the highest paid unskilled jobs in Canada. Check out CareerWise for a comprehensive look at what it takes to get hired, where to find jobs, and how much you can expect to make in salary.

However, construction trades have traditionally been crucial to our economy. As a result, there are many construction jobs in Canada. These are often some of the highest paying unskilled jobs in the country. CareerWise gives you all the information you need to get hired and how much money you can expect next year. The average salary is $44,000 on an annual projected growth rate of 5% in 2020.


It’s no surprise why people gravitate towards these jobs: they are highly paid and come with great benefits. However, not everyone can get into these fields because of their required education and experience level.

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