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15 way to find out | Harvard University a college?

Is Harvard a College or a University?

Harvard University is one of the Harvard related queries that is regularly asked. You’ll soon learn whether it’s a university or a college, as some claim.

Most prospective students who are interested in attending Harvard are unclear about the institution’s standing. This is due to the fact that many students are unaware of the distinction between a college and a university.

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Colleges are often smaller institutions that concentrate on undergraduate education, whereas Universities are larger organizations that offer a variety of undergraduate and graduate degrees.

Now that you are aware of the distinction between a college and a university, let’s discuss whether Harvard belongs in either category. Let us first give you a quick overview of Harvard’s history.

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A Brief History of Harvard: From College to University

We’ll talk about how Harvard College became Harvard University in this part.

The first college in the American colonies was founded in 1636. The Massachusetts Bay Colony’s Great and General Court took a vote to establish the college.

After John Harvard left the College his collection (more than 400 books) and half of his assets in a bequest in 1639, The College adopted the name Harvard College.

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The Massachusetts Constitution took effect in 1780 and declared Harvard to be a university. Harvard began offering medical instruction in 1781, and the institution’s medical school was established in 1782.

The distinction between Harvard University and Harvard College

One of the 14 Harvard Schools is Harvard College. Only undergraduate liberal arts programs are available from the college.

As opposed to this, Harvard University is a private Ivy League research university that has 14 schools, including Harvard College. The College is for undergraduate students, and the remainder students are taught by the 13 graduate schools.

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The oldest institution of higher education in the country is Harvard University, which was originally founded as Harvard College in 1636.

The information provided above demonstrates that Harvard University is made up of the Harvard College for undergraduates, 12 graduate and professional schools, and the Harvard Radcliffe Institute.

Additional Harvard University Institutions

Harvard University also features the Harvard Radcliffe Institute, 12 graduate and professional schools, and Harvard College.

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Harvard John A. Paulson School of Applied Science and Engineering (SEAS)

SEAS, which was formerly known as Lawrence Scientific School, offers both undergraduate and graduate degrees. In the areas of engineering and applied sciences, SEAS additionally provides professional and lifelong learning programs.

The Harvard Graduate School of Arts and Sciences is  (GSAS)

One of the top graduate schools is Harvard Graduate School of Arts and Sciences. It provides master’s and doctoral degrees in 57 different disciplines of study, connecting students to every aspect of Harvard University.

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Six multidisciplinary graduate consortia, 21 secondary programs, and 57 degree programs are all available through GSAS. Along with 9 professional schools at Harvard, it also provides 18 interfaculty Ph.D. programs.

Harvard Extension School

The majority of the courses at the part-time Harvard Extension Institution are available online; the school offers 70% of its courses online. Graduate and undergraduate programs are offered by HES.

The Harvard Division of Continuing Education includes the Harvard Extension School. This unit of Harvard University is committed to providing challenging curricula and cutting-edge online learning tools to distance learners, working professionals, etc.

Harvard Business School

The top-ranked business institution Harvard Business School provides online certificate programs and graduate programs. The HBS also provides summer courses.

Harvard Business School, which was established in 1908, was the institution to provide the first MBA program ever.

Harvard School of Dental Medicine (HSDM)

The Harvard Dental School was the nation’s first dental school to be associated with a university and its medical school when it was established in 1867. The Harvard School of Dental Medicine became the official name of the institution in 1940.

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Graduate dental medicine programs are available through Harvard School of Dental Medicine. HSDM also provides programs for ongoing education.

Harvard Graduate School of Design

Graduate degrees are available in architecture, landscape architecture, urban planning and design, design studies, and design engineering through Harvard Graduate School of Design.

The oldest landscape architecture program in the world and the longest-running urban planning program in North America are both located at GSD.

Harvard Divinity School

Established in 1816, Harvard Divinity School is a nonsectarian institution for the study of religion and theology. It grants the MDiv, MTS, ThM, MRPL, and Ph.D. degrees.

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Students at HDS can also acquire dual degrees from Tufts University’s Fletcher School of Law and Diplomacy, Harvard Business School, Harvard Kennedy School, and Harvard Law School.

Harvard School of Education (HGSE)

Leading graduate school offering PhD, master’s, and professional education degrees is Harvard Graduate School of Education.

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The first institution to award an EdD was Harvard Graduate School of Education, which was established in 1920. The first institution to grant women with Harvard degrees was HGSE.

The Harvard Kennedy School

The Harvard Kennedy Institution is a public administration and policy school. The John F. Kennedy School of Government was established in 1936.

The Harvard Kennedy School offers executive education, doctoral, and master’s degree programs. A number of online courses in public leadership are also available.

Harvard Law School

The oldest continually running law school in the United States is Harvard Law School, which was established in 1817. The world’s largest academic law library is located there.

Graduate degree programs and a number of dual degree programs are available from Harvard Law School.

Harvard School of Medicine (HMS)

One of the first medical schools in the country was Harvard, which was established in 1782. HMS provides executive education programs and graduate degrees in medical studies.

Harvard T.H. Chan School of Public Health (HSPH)

Graduate public health programs are provided by Harvard T.H. Chan School of Public Health, formerly known as Harvard School of Public Health (HSPH).

Its goal is to improve public health through education, research, and communication.

Harvard Radcliffe University

In 1999, with the merger of Radcliffe College and Harvard University, the Radcliffe Institute for Advanced Study was founded at Harvard University.

Initially, Radcliffe College was established to guarantee that women could attend Harvard.

The Harvard Radcliffe Institute neither confers degrees nor promotes interdisciplinary study in the humanities, sciences, social sciences, arts, and professions.

What courses does Harvard College offer?

Harvard College exclusively offers undergraduate liberal arts education programs, as was already indicated.

More than 3,700 courses in 50 undergraduate concentrations are available at Harvard College. Nine groupings comprise these concentrations, and they are as follows:

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Languages, Literatures, and Religion in History

Health Sciences

Calculus and Mathematics

Natural Sciences

Social sciences that are qualitative

Social sciences that are quantitative.

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Harvard College students have the option of developing their own unique concentrations.

With the aid of special concentrations, you can design a degree program that pursues an especially difficult academic objective.


Are graduate programs offered at Harvard College?

No, Harvard College is a liberal arts college for undergraduates. One of the 12 Harvard graduate schools should be taken into consideration by students interested in graduate programs.

The location of Harvard University.

The main campus of Harvard University is situated in Cambridge, Massachusetts, in the United States. Boston, Massachusetts, in the United States, also has campuses for it.

Harvard: Is it expensive?

A Harvard education will often set you back between $80,263 and $84,413 a year. This demonstrates how costly Harvard is. Nevertheless, Harvard has one of the most generous financial aid policies in the country. Everyone can afford to attend Harvard thanks to these financial help options.

Can I get a free education at Harvard?

Harvard now offers free tuition to students from households with an annual income of up to $75,000 (up from $65,000). 20% of Harvard families are currently paying nothing. Numerous scholarships are available for additional students. The majority of Harvard students—55%—receive financial aid.

Are there any undergraduate programs at Harvard University?

Yes, Harvard University’s undergraduate liberal arts college, Harvard College, provides undergraduate programs.

Is Harvard University a member of the Ivy League?

In the United States, Cambridge, Massachusetts is home to Harvard University, a private Ivy League research institution.

Is admission to Harvard difficult?

Harvard University has an acceptance rate of 5% and an early acceptance rate of 13.9%, making it a very selective institution. It is frequently listed as one of the hardest schools to get into.


We can infer from the foregoing statement that Harvard is a university made up of various institutions, including Harvard College, 12 graduate schools, and Harvard Radcliffe Institute.

Graduate students can enroll in any of the 12 graduate schools, while undergraduate applicants can submit an application to Harvard College.

Given that Harvard University is one of the best universities in the world, choosing to attend Harvard is the proper decision.

However, you should be aware that getting accepted to Harvard is difficult; you must perform well in your academics.

We have now reached the end of this article. Was it a help to you? Please share your opinions in the space provided below.

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