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Top Best Scholarships of America 2022

There are numerous best scholarships offered by intergovernmental organisations or global institutions as well as international foundations to students from abroad. The scholarships permit students from abroad to study in a variety of disciplines of study at a variety of Universities across the globe. lists the top Ten International scholarships provided by Global Organizations institutions, Institutions, and Foundations.

Erasmus Mundus Scholarships

The Erasmus Mundus scholarships, which are funded from the European Union, are scholarships for a variety of Erasmus Mundus Joint Programmes at Masters or Doctoral levels and are geared towards students in and outside of the EU.

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The program provides full scholarships or fellowships that provide for living expenses as well as tuition fees, travel and insurance expenses of students.

Commonwealth best Scholarships

In the Commonwealth Scholarship and Fellowship Plan (CSFP) members of the Commonwealth provide Commonwealth scholarships to members of other countries. Through these scholarships, citizens of developing or developed Commonwealth nations can pursue studies in other member countries, both developed and developing. The majority of Commonwealth scholarships offer tuition fees as well as living allowances, travel expenses, and more.

UNESCO Fellowships Programmes

Fellowships for training and research are offered jointly by UNESCO and partners in order to increase the human capital and capacity building of the Member States from the United Nations, especially developing countries.

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The fellowships currently offered are offered across China, Czech Republic, Poland, Korea, Russia, Israel, Switzerland, Japan in addition to Saudi Arabia. The fellowships typically provide monthly allowances and travel expenses, however each fellowship program comes with each one of its benefits.


Joint Japan World Bank Scholarships

The Joint Japan World Bank Graduate best Scholarships Program (JJ/WBGSP) provides students from developing nations to pursue graduate programs leading to a master’s level degree from top universities across the globe. Scholars must return to their home country to help the advancement of their country. The best scholarship will cover travel expenses along with tuition, as well as a an allowance per month.

ADB Japan Scholarship Program

The Asian Development Bank Japan best Scholarship Program (ADB-JSP) is designed to provide an opportunity for citizens with a high level of education from ADB’s developing member nations to pursue postgraduate studies in management, economics sciences and technology, as well as other fields related to development at academic institutions that are part of the Asian and Pacific Region. The ADB JSP covers all tuition costs as well as a monthly subsistence and housing allowance, as well as an allowance for the purchase of books and educational material, medical insurance and travel costs.

MasterCard Foundation Scholars Program for Africa

The goal of the MasterCard Foundation Scholars Program is to train and educate academically skilled, but economically marginalized youth in Africa who will be a part of the development of Africa. The program, which is valued at $500 million, will equip students in secondary and higher education with the leadership and knowledge capabilities needed to help contribute to the development of society and economics across Africa. Students receive financial aid to cover fees, uniforms as well as books and other supplies as well as accommodation, transportation, and the opportunity to earn stipends.

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OFID Scholarship Award

OFID (The OPEC Fund for International Development) provides an all-financial scholarship to candidates who are looking to pursue a Master’s degree at an accredited university all over the world, subject to the approval of. Of the winners from the OFID Scholarship Award will receive the tuition aid of up to $50,000 plus monthly allowance that will cover the cost of living, books, and lodging.

Rotary Foundation Global Study Grants

The Rotary Foundation provides best scholarship opportunities by way of The Rotary Foundation Global Grants which may be used to help fund the postgraduate studies of an Rotary club member in any country with an existing Rotary Club (in around 70 nations). These grants will cover full or partial cost of your education.

Aga Khan Foundation International Scholarship Program

The Aga Khan Foundation provides a limited amount of scholarships every year to postgraduate students. exceptional students from developing countries who are unable to find other ways to finance their education. Best Scholarship are granted on a 50/50 grant: 50% loan basis, and are awarded through a competitive application process that is held once a year. The Foundation aids students with the cost of tuition and living expenses.

Heinrich Boll Foundation Scholarships

The Heinrich Boll Foundation awards scholarships to students from abroad who have earned their university admissions qualification at an institution located outside of Germany that wish to pursue for a Masters or PhD degree in Germany. The value of the scholarship will be EUR750 monthly for Master students, and EUR1000 each month to PhD Students and EUR 100 allowance for mobility per month. Fees for tuition are not funded.

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Wells Mountain Foundation Scholarships for Developing Countries

The Wells Mountain Foundation, a foundation for public charity based in Bristol, Vermont, USA provides scholarships to individuals who are in the developing world or in other circumstances of extreme poverty to attend their preferred of institution within their country of residence or another country in the developing world. Best scholarship cover costs for tuition and fees, as well as materials and books, as well as other costs that have been approved.

PEO International Peace Best Scholarship

The International Peace Scholarship Fund is an initiative that provides women with scholarships from different countries to graduate studies at an accredited university or college within the United States and Canada. The maximum amount that can be awarded to a student is $10,000.

Open Society Foundation Civil Society Leadership Award

The Civil Society Leadership Awards (CSLA) provides a fully funded master’s degrees to those who demonstrate academic and professional excellence as well as an unwavering commitment to bringing about positive social change within their communities. The scholarships are available to residents from Azerbaijan, Belarus, Cambodia, Democratic Republic of Congo, Egypt, Equatorial Guinea, Eritrea, Ethiopia, Laos, Libya, Republic of Congo, South Sudan, Sudan, Syria, Turkmenistan or Uzbekistan. The scholarship covers tuition costs and stipends for each month and travel expenses, as well as insurance and other expenses.

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