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Affordable Places to Live in Australian cities | International Students 2022_2023


Australian cities is one of the greatest study abroad countries for international students, however one drawback is the high cost of housing in Sydney and other major Australian cities.

However, after doing a lot of research, we found that the nation has a lot of cheap and accessible places to live and study.

Now, international students may live and study in a quiet, safe, and cost-effective setting.

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The cost of housing in these places is only one factor used to classify them; other factors include the population, employment rate, and accessibility to basic services like healthcare and education.

Where can I live in Australia that is both affordable and secure?

Where can I reside in Australia at the cheapest price?

Every Australian cities has a benefits to international student and has this question. But you should be aware that security should be your primary concern even while you search for the most economical area to reside. As a foreign student, you are unaccustomed to any environment in Australia.

Because of the high expense of living and schooling, you should think about residing somewhere where you won’t have to always be on the lookout for threats.

Because of this, the majority of Australian cities feature housing on each of their campuses, especially for overseas students. This list of Australian cities most affordable places to live will be helpful even if you choose to live off-campus, perhaps because of family obligations.

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In light of this, the following is a list of the greatest and most affordable areas to live in Australia.


Melbourne, the nation’s cultural and sporting hub, is the second-largest city in Australia. The city’s four million inhabitants enjoy the arts and sports. The city also offers some of Australia’s top dining establishments and a vibrant nightlife.

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Given this, it is not surprising that Melbourne constantly ranks among the most attractive cities in the world according to The Economist.

Melbourne’s weather is renowned for having “four seasons in one day.” The weather regularly shifts during the day as we observe the seasons.

The winters and summers are often a few degrees colder and occasionally get frosts due to its location farther south than Sydney.


A common misconception about Australian cities has it that Canberra, not Sydney, is where the nation’s capital is located. With a population of little over 373,000, Canberra, which is part of the Australian Capital Territory (ACT), is one of Australia’s smaller cities.

As the location of Parliament, it draws a sizable workforce and number of tourists. Canberra experiences an icy winter and a dry summer. If you’re moving to Canberra, you should be prepared for winter lows of zero and summer highs of 28 ° C. (January to February).


The third-largest city in Australia is a magnet for migrants because of its climate. You may avoid the notoriously variable weather in Melbourne and the bitter cold of Sydney by traveling to Brisbane, which boasts better temps than Sydney and Melbourne.

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You wouldn’t anticipate such a sizable urban center to have such a relaxed environment. Due to its subtropical setting, Brisbane has one of Australia’s warmest cities, with an annual average temperature of 16–25 °C. Popular summer vacation spots including the Gold Coast and Sunshine Coast are also nearby.


Traveling to Brisbane, Sydney, or Melbourne are on your itinerary? Rethink that! (If you want to save money, it is.) You’ll pay 19% less to live in Adelaide than in Sydney or Melbourne, and 7% less than in Brisbane or Perth! All of your extra cash can be used on enjoyable city pursuits like a fine dining experience or a visit to an Australian festival.

One of Australia’s best and most affordable cities to live in is Adelaide.

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Most notably, it boasts a population of about 1.3 million and is well-known for its Mediterranean climate. For immigrants to Australia, Adelaide is likewise growing in popularity as a city to live in.

Adelaide, the capital of South Australia, also offers a relaxed way of life, a beautiful environment, and reasonably priced homes.

Most importantly, Adelaide’s weather is often nice. It essentially follows the seasons, with average winter and summer temperatures of about 7 °C and 30 °C, respectively.


A coastal city called Wollongong is situated 80 kilometers south of Sydney. There are many beaches along the long, narrow coastline where it is situated.

Most significantly, Wollongong offers a great environment for both living and studying. It’s a nice area to reside because of the natural surroundings, warm climate, and sparse population.

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It boasts high educational levels and good access to a big city. It is rated as the greatest little town for students and the most livable small town in Australia.

  • Wollongong is a popular choice for students who want to experience everything that Sydney has to offer but cannot afford the high cost of living (it’s only 80 kilometers away). Due to its stunning beaches and vibrant city center, Wollongong has been crowned the nation’s most livable small city.


Hobart has a lot to offer, including a laid-back rural atmosphere and stunning scenery. Everything seems to move a little more slowly in Hobart because it is not as busy as a city like Sydney or Melbourne.

The second-oldest city in Australia and the most cheap city for college students is Hobart, which serves as the state capital of Tasmania. Although it is less well-known than places like the Gold Coast or Brisbane, its stunning natural beauty and slower tempo make it the perfect place to tune out distractions and concentrate on studies.

The city is renowned as a foodie’s paradise and also has a strong art scene and family-friendly suburbs.

The capital of Australia’s southernmost state, Hobart, experiences some of the coldest weather. As a result, the winter (July) low temperature is 4 degrees Celsius, and the summer high is 22 degrees Celsius.

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Which is the cheapest city in Australia for international students?
Gold Coast

The Gold Coast is as lovely as it sounds and is ranked top for affordability in Australia (89th worldwide). Rent in this popular tourist destination is almost 40% less than Sydney’s, and international undergraduate tuition expenses here average US$20,600 per year, which is less than tuition in any other Australian city this year.

What is the living cost in Australia for a international student?

The Australian government calculates that the average annual cost of living is $21,041. Most of our international students, according to a survey, spend between $20,000 and $27,000 annually (depending on living arrangements and personal choices).

Which city is best for earn money in Australia?

Melbourne. Out of the 209 cities assessed for the Mercer 2021 Cost of Living Survey, Melbourne is ranked as the 59th most expensive city in the world. The working environment in Melbourne, Australia, isn’t very good. Melbourne is well-known for a variety of things, including its coffee, sports, and arts and culture.

How much money do I need for Australian student visa?

Financial prerequisites a proof of having enough money to pay for education, travel, and living expenses. The amount you must demonstrate you have for living expenses (apart from tuition and travel) is set at AU$21,041 (about US$14,185) for a year as of February 2018.

Where is the easiest place in Australia to get a job?

The solution might surprise you. Looking for the places in Australian cities where getting a job is the simplest? Canberra is the solution as of 2021! According to the Australian Bureau of Statistics, which publishes its data on vacancy rates across Australia each April, that is the case.

Is it easy to get a job in Australian cities?

The work market in Australia is extremely cutthroat. Particularly for foreigners, not all jobs and abilities are in equally high demand. The industries where foreign workers are most sought after include hospitality, construction, and education. But don’t worry—that doesn’t imply you can’t work in other fields.

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