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15 Best Free Online Courses with Printable Certificates


Information about online courses and knowledge are the most important aspect of the modern world thanks to the internet. In reality, you may now need just your phone and the internet to access some of the greatest free online courses with printable credentials.

Realizing how many chances we have at our disposal and how much information we can learn from a quick Google search is mind-boggling.

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According to data, 87% of American respondents said that the internet had improved their knowledge. One in five Americans claimed to have taken an online course and gained a new top skill.

It’s interesting to note that some of these abilities are available for free online from respectable global organizations.

1. Accessibility

You can learn anything you want without any limitations thanks to these free online courses.

These free online courses can help you acquire a new skill regardless of your age or educational background.

You are not constrained from learning with this open access because of your credentials or financial capacity.

2. Adaptable Timetable

The majority of online courses are self-paced, allowing students to complete their studies at their leisure.

This is a huge opportunity, especially if you’re a busy person looking to learn something new or pick up new talent.

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No matter what you do, you may study with these free online courses at the time that works best for you.

3. Stress-Free Personal Growth

In the past, people had to travel far distances to their campus or school each day to learn new information or skills.

The scenario is completely different and the options are infinite with free online courses, though.

Right now, all you need is a smartphone and some time to learn a skill that might make you millions of dollars while you sleep in your pyjamas.

4. Enhance your resume

Your resume can be improved by taking free online courses with printable certificates because they demonstrate to potential employers your intellectual curiosity.

People who are constantly seeking ways to better themselves are attractive to employers.

You may be able to land the kinds of jobs you’ve been looking for by including the appropriate free online course on your resume.

To assist you in selecting the best free online course for your needs, we have created the following advice. Look them up.

Advice for Selecting Free Online Certificate Programs

It’s one thing to take a free online course; it’s quite another to pick the BEST online course for you. That is why we have provided you with some advice.

1. Identify Your Goals:

Before enrolling in any online course, whether it is free or paid, it is advisable to sit down and carefully consider what you hope to gain from it.

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You should ask yourself a few key questions to determine whether the free online course is the best option for you at the time.

There are so many free courses available online today that you’ll waste time if you don’t know what you want to learn.

2. High-quality Research Course

If you have a few possibilities, it will be easier for you to choose the best one.

We advise you to do this carefully after deciding why you want to enrol in a free online certificate program to avoid confusion.

You can examine a variety of courses and find out which one will help you achieve your goals by researching course quality.

3. Examine the Content of the Course

Some courses might be excellent, but they might not be appropriate for your level or experience, or they might not contain the information you need to achieve your objectives.

Because of this, it’s crucial to review a course’s content before enrolling in it.

You can invest in the course if it covers the topics you want to learn about.

4. Course delivery

Some courses are free, but the requirements of the program prevent their delivery from being done entirely online.

Distance from the actual location may have an impact on how well you learn overall. Because of this, you should make sure the course developers have the ability to distribute all of the course material online.

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To avoid wasting your time, make sure to evaluate the course delivery’s quality in addition to its availability.

Now that you are aware of the benefits of choosing the best free online courses, let the list provided below assist you in finding some of them.

1. Platform for Content Marketing Certification:

HubSpot Academy

You might find this course to be particularly helpful if you’re interested in content marketing or you want to change careers and specialize in it.

Learners will receive a printable certificate of accomplishment and access to the learning community after completing this online content marketing course.

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This course, which is intended for beginners, covers some crucial subjects like:

Content promotion


Repurposing Content

2. Google Analytics Academy

This is the platform for Google Analytics for beginners.

Anyone interested in learning the fundamentals of Google Analytics, such as how to set up an account and use a tracking code, should take this course.

The course even covered how to use the Google analytics platform and the purpose of each section of the user interface.

Even though it was designed with beginners in mind, this course nevertheless covers the principles that even seasoned marketers can learn from.

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3. Social Media Strategy Platform

Overview Through Skillshare, buffer

Over 40,000 students and 34 projects are engaged in the 9-module Skillshare program that buffer is offering.

You’ll learn how to develop a social media strategy from this course, as well as how to efficiently produce and curate content for various social media sites.

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Additionally, you’ll discover how to select the platform that’s best for your company and how to make use of it to grow your company and meet your objectives.

4. Northwestern University on Coursera’s

“The Art of Sales: Mastering the Selling Process Specialization Platform”

Learners can enrol in a certificate program at Northwestern University to study sales.

The training promises to show participants how to increase sales closing rates and raise the level of performance of their sales team.

If you commit 3 hours a week to the program, you should be able to finish the course on average in 4 months.

5. Shopify Academy:

How to Launch a Dropshipping Business

Shopify provides a 17-module drop shipping course that teaches you how to succeed in the field.

You’ll discover how to identify things to sell without worrying about inventory or shipping and how to validate a product idea and business plan.

Additionally, students will see how to locate a supplier and how to correctly set up a store to generate revenue.

6. Platform for learning Java:


There are excellent programming courses available on Codecademy for all skill levels.

This Codecademy Java course is an introduction to Java script that covers the fundamentals of this programming language.

Variables, object-oriented Java, loops, debugging, conditional statements, control flow, and much more will be covered.

7. The University of Michigan’s Coursera writing and editing specialization platform.

A fantastic life skill that can be used in practically any situation is communication.

It can be a plus for you if you can effectively communicate through written words because very few people can.

Nevertheless, by enrolling in free online courses like this one provided by the University of Michigan, you may learn the art of successful writing and editing.

You will learn how to apply syntax, punctuate properly, and much more with this course.

8. Platform: NPTEL on Alison for Communication Skills – Persuasion and Motivation.

Have you ever questioned how the best communicators in the world can hold an audience’s attention with such ease?

If so, developing your persuasive and motivating skills may help you identify the solutions.

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NPTEL’s free online course on persuasion and motivation, which will help you develop your oral and writing communication abilities, is being offered by Alison.

9. Customer Identification:

Who Is Your Customer?

Platform: edX and Babson College

If you commit at least 4 to 6 hours per week, you may easily complete this marketing fundamentals course in four weeks.

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To attract customers, you’ll learn how to segment, target, and position your marketing efforts.

You’ll also learn how to develop a marketing plan that places your company in the best possible position to give the most value.

10. Mandarin X via edX, Level 1 Mandarin Chinese

One of the most widely used languages both in Asia and the rest of the globe is Chinese.

Mandarin proficiency is without a doubt one of the most valuable skill sets one can possess, particularly if one wishes to launch a business in China or another country that speaks Mandarin.

This free online certificate program from Mandarin X can help you realize your goal of learning a new language or honing your current one.

11. Free code Camp’s information security platform

We connect with apps, websites, and software on the internet every day and trade important information with it.

We run the risk of losing this information to nefarious people or malicious websites online as a result of this data sharing.

Due to the requirement to protect users’ and customers’ personal information, organizations and businesses all over the world need people with information security expertise.

12. Platform for the Global History Lab:

Princeton University on ex

In this comprehensive history course, students examine historical documents in addition to reading, watching, and listening to lectures.

Weekly tasks that take the form of laboratories that students do in teams are given to pupils.

Although this course is entirely online and is expected to take 12 weeks to complete, it is not a self-paced course because the pace of the course is set by the teachers.

13. The University of London

Toolkit: A Practical Guide to Managing People at Work platform.

Have trouble leading others at work? You may learn a lot from this training.

No matter who you manage or what your job environment may be, the course was designed to help you become a better manager.

The deadlines for this entirely online course can be adjusted to meet your schedule.

14. Harvard University via edX:

Digital Humanities Platform Overview

This certificate program might be right for you if you’ve always wanted to understand digital research and visualization skills and use them to their fullest in humanities-related subjects.

This 7-week self-paced course introduces you to the idea of digital humanities and demonstrates how you can use its various components for research and study.

Anyone interested in learning more about the field of digital humanities and the associated tools should read Introduction to Digital Humanities.

15. Mailshake is the platform for The Cold Email Masterclass.

You might want to have a look at this course right here if you’re about to improve the results of your email marketing or if you are just about to go on the route.

This course is intriguing since it covers crucial topics and is taught by professionals in the field of email marketing.

These email marketing specialists deconstructed the key ideas in 8 classes, making them freely available to everyone.

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